Financial Feasibility Services

Within the framework of the Financial Feasibility advisory service, we aim to perform cost and benefit measurement of the project by analysing the weaknesses and strengths of your investment or project, the opportunities it may create and the possible threats that may arise.

We measure the feasibility of the investment project in question by analysing the economic benefit which the resource - which will be used for a particular investment project or portfolio - can provide in the medium/long term.

With this service, we reveal all kinds of risks and details in the feasibility report that we prepare with an objective and professional point of view regarding the investment you plan to realize. We help you use your resources efficiently.

Financial Check-up

With our financial check-up service, our specialised financial advisors examine the current financial structure of your company and perform financial analysis in areas including sales, profitability, working capital and financing structure. We reinforce this study with customer visits, ensuring a thorough representation of the general health level of the company.

In addition to financial statement analysis, we conduct a general observation of your company’s cash flow performance and of how your company's financial processes are managed. We also prepare a risk assessment of your financial processes.

Within the scope of our Financial Check-up advisory, we help you evaluate your company's financial performance with an objective eye and take the right actions in the areas requiring improvement.

Financial Performance Management

With our Financial Performance Management advisory, we examine your company's current financial structure in detail, determine its financial performance and general health level and perform a benchmarking analysis with a comparison of peer group companies in the sector.

In addition to determining the financial performance management criteria by taking the corporate strategies into account, we also offer suggestions regarding your company's strengths and areas which are open to development.

With this analysis and our suggestions, we offer you the opportunity to identify and develop the factors that will affect your company's financial performance with an objective point of view.

Financial Monitoring and Reporting

Within the scope of our Financial Monitoring and Reporting advisory, we monitor your company's financial results in line with your business plans, develop management reporting methodology and prepare effective report sets.

We carry out detailed monitoring and reporting processes regarding the financial analysis, sales profitability analysis for the target sector, market, customer group or product group, working capital management and investment results in accordance with your budget.

This service allows you to monitor the financial results of the decisions you take in line with your goals and strategies, evaluate your financial performance objectively and to intervene in the processes at the right time to reach your goals.