We have financed 159 projects.

To date, we have financed a total of 159 projects in areas such as energy and resource efficiency, production processes and waste management for companies in the iron and steel, cement, textile, aluminum, automotive supply industry and chemical sectors.

Energy Efficiency

With energy efficiency projects, which are at the forefront of investments to reduce foreign dependence in energy, businesses operating in the industries with high energy intensity are able to reduce their production costs and carbon emissions by achieving high energy savings.

We have gained extensive experience through the many energy efficiency projects we have financed in industries such as iron and steel, cement, automotive and petrochemicals since 2008.

We transfer this experience to our customers who seek to invest in the field of energy efficiency. 

Featured Topics in Energy Efficiency Projects

  • Generating energy from waste heat
  • Energy Efficient Technologies
  • Facility Modernization
  • Green Building
  • Energy Optimization
  • Lighting
  • Digital Transformation

Resource Efficiency

Since 2013, we have been offering medium- and long-term funding opportunities as part of our efforts to increase resource efficiency in our country’s private sector.

With our investments in resource efficiency, natural resources such as raw materials, energy and water can be used more efficiently, creating more value with less input.

Featured Areas in Resource Efficiency Projects

  • Water Efficiency
  • Waste Management
  • Raw Material and Energy Optimization
  • The Circular Economy
  • Sustainable Technologies Resource Efficiency