With our team consisting of financial analysts and engineers, we analyze and evaluate our customers' company structures, projects and projections in detail.

With the suggestions and solutions which we bring to the table in dealing with problems or deficiencies identified during the course of the evaluation process, we contribute to an improvement cycle which directly increases the return on our business partners’ investment.

Loan Evaluation Processes

1. Preparation of the Loan Evaluation Report
Financial Analysis Engineering Vision Industry Analysis
Detailed financial analysis of the company/group Analysis of current situation/position Monitoring market and industry dynamics
Sales performance and profitability Detailed technical analysis of investment projects Positioning in the industry
Financing structure Investment and operating cost analysis Generating industrial data series for the evaluation of projects
Working Capital Management Investment capacity assessment
Risk management Environmental and social impact assessment of the investment
Expectations and cash flow projections Examination of appraisal (mortgage) value
2. The Loan Evaluation Report is shared with the relevant departments within TSKB in carrying out limit allocation
3. After the Financial Analysis, Engineering and Loan Allocation Departments carry out the preparations, it is presented to the Loan Evaluation Committee.
4. Project requests approved by the Loan Evaluation Committee are submitted to the Board of Directors for approval.