With our specialized project finance team, we provide medium and long-term financing options specifically tailored for each project.

In this context, we carry out the following processes and accordingly provide the necessary financing for the implementation of each project. 

  • Identification of project risks in light of macroeconomic indicators and sectoral data
  • Determination of the collateral and other financing conditions of the project
  • Preparation of a feasibility report which will evaluate the project from financial, economic and technical aspects
  • Participation in consortia / syndications established with domestic/foreign banks, if necessary
  • Creation of cash flow projections within the scenarios determined within the scope of the project
  • Managing the loan agreement and collateral documentation process of the project
  • Determining the optimal debt-equity ratio, maturity structure, financial constraints and pricing for the project 

Project Financing Process

1. Risk / Reward Analysis 2. Feasibility 3. The Project Finance Model
Macroeconomic Risks Mali ve Teknik İnceleme Cash/Non-Cash Facility Package
Sector Risks Financial and Technical Review Debt / Equity Balance
Managerial Risks Potential Customers of the Product/Service Collateral Package
Risk of Non-Completion / Cost Increase / Delay of Project Completion Legal Framework Maturity and Repayment Structure
Risk of Failing to Attain Planned Capacity / Efficiency Environmental and Social Impact Financial Covenants