Renewable energy is particular importance for the future of our country, which requires an increasing amount of energy as its economy develops, while expending large sums of foreign currency on energy imports given that Türkiye lacks sufficient energy resources of its own.

Since 2002, TSKB has been financing various renewable energy projects such as hydroelectric, solar, wind, biomass/biogas and geothermal power plants in Türkiye through its medium and long-term resources. So far, the Bank has financed 421 renewable energy projects, reaching a total installed capacity of 8,862 MW.

The energy projects which TSKB has transferred resources account for 15% of Türkiye's total installed renewable energy capacity.

By the end of 2023, 98% of the renewable energy projects we financed were in operation in terms of units and 95% in terms of installed capacity.

Click here to access the environmental and social framework documents which will be implemented in geothermal projects to be financed under the Geothermal Development Project – Additional Financing Loan.