Technical Due Diligence

This process involves a detailed examination of the production operations and supply chain of industrial facilities and power plants. Their efficiency, capacity utilization, strengths and developmental aspects are technically interpreted. During the construction periods for the investments, the physical and financial progress and operation of the project are evaluated and the production,maintenance and quality records are reviewed. The performances of production lines, machinery and equipment are monitored in line with their specifications. If requested, the condition of the machinery and equipment and information regarding their remaining useful life is included in the study. An examination of operating expenses is carried out, offering an interpretation of opportunities for potential savings. A review of the environmental management and occupational health and safety practices in the facility is also performed. Capacity increase, modernization and renewal investment needs are evaluated in the shortmedium-long term, covering all processes.

Technical Feasibility

The basic content involves carrying out all necessary technical investigations and detailed engineering calculations in order to determine the technical and financial feasibility of the investment in the project. The determination of the permits, licenses, agreements and documents of the project, the preparation of the work program, the analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks of the project, the environmental and social evaluation to a basic level, a technological analysis and a presentation of conclusions and suggestions are also included in the basic content.

Project Based Incentive Consultancy

The Ministry of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Türkiye receives large-scale investment applications from companies which target priority and target sectors and which seek to benefit from the project-based incentive system through development banks and external consultants. During the application, the production processes, investment-oriented business plan and amounts, and the operating costs which will arise after the investment are analyzed in detail. Supply security, reductions in foreign dependency and ensuring technological transformation are sought as distinguishing factors in the projects. Under the title of “Impact Analysis”, the benefits of the investment are examined in detail under a wide array of sub-headings, such as the investment’s contribution to the security of supply in the sector and the country’s competitive position, capacity analysis, site selection, domestic input rates, R&D development, environmental impacts and the use of natural resources, its contribution to reducing imports, its contribution to increasing exports and employment.

Industrial Investments Consultancy

In the new production line or factory, technical support is provided in varying scopes throughout the entire process during the modernization and capacity increase investments undertaken by manufacturing companies, from the design stage to the commissioning of the project. Following the sector and market research conducted by our financial consultancy team, product groups and annual production capacities are determined. Technical specifications are created for the procurement of the basic engineering services necessary for the realization of the investment and technical analysis is conducted in the process of selecting the right supplier. After determining the amounts allocated to construction, machinery and equipment and other investments, as well as future annual operating expenses, the investment feasibility is prepared together with our financial consultancy team. Following the investment decision, technical consultancy services are provided throughout the entire processes with detailed engineering studies carried out, a preparation of the investment business plan, a time study, the selection of suppliers and contractors, execution of procurement processes and finally the construction and commissioning of the facility. We work as a solution partner in order for the investor to obtain the highest return on their investment and to implement the project in the most correct way.

Investment and Operations Monitoring

The current status of the investment is determined by looking at parameters such as the compliance of the investments in the industrial facilities and power plants with the project schedule, the control of investment expenditures, the physical progress of the investment (construction, mechanical, electrical) and the current status of the administrative permit processes. Any deviations from the plan in terms of scope, timing and budget are analyzed and reported.

Work processes related to the operating period after the investment are photographed virtuallyby comparing them with the sector in general in terms of effectiveness and productivity. The Inputs and outputs of product groups and processes are analyzed, bottlenecks are determined and an evaluation is conducted by comparing the realized production with the targeted performance.