Our Mission

We focus on creating value for the inclusive and sustainable development of our country through the financing and consultancy solutions powered by our experience in development and investment banking as well as the visionary approach and well-established international collaboration initiatives we maintain.

Our Vision

We aim to be the business partner that stakeholders consult and prefer as the first choice towards the economic, environmental and social development of Türkiye.

Our Values


  • We create long-term value for customers, society and the future of our country, using a visionary perspective and innovative services as leverage
  • We keep a close eye on international banking practices and lead our sector as a pioneer


  • With a human-oriented approach for a qualified economic growth we contribute to employment, equal opportunities and social development through inclusive banking solutions
  • We make business decisions together based on collective intelligence
  • We value team success over individual success
  • We work in harmony both within the Bank and with the organizations we cooperate
  • We never discriminate among our employees
  • We protect the rights of employees and ensure they always have equal opportunities
  • We contribute to employees’ professional and personal development and encourage them to take initiatives


  • We produce flexible, fast and efficient solutions in order to optimally meet our customers’ expectations and needs
  • We are utterly prudent about the quality of the work we do and resolute in fulfilling commitments
  • Knowing that we are the leaders in our job, we take responsibility and act timely and swiftly at each stage without need for any prior guidance

Reliable and Respectful

  • We build trustful and respectful relations with all our stakeholders
  • We never compromise on a fair, accountable, transparent and ethical banking approach, and the contemporary rules of corporate governance
  • We create value for sustainable development through an environment-friendly banking aproach, and take responsibility to leave future generations a world to live in