In line with our strategy, we seek to build a bridge between our employees and our corporate culture.

As we move towards the Bank's strategic goals, we ensure that all roles are directed in line with these goals, that the performance of employees is managed in accordance with these goals and that their development is monitored through an effective Performance Management system.

During the Performance Management process, we seek to build a bridge between our corporate strategy, our employees and our culture and we harmonize these elements with each other. Through this process, we increase the organization's effectiveness, employee efficiency and success in work targets.

Starting from the Corporate Bank Scorecard, Performance Management is calculated with an interactive methodology that aims to increase the harmony between functions and cooperation with a common goal concept. With this methodology, it is carried out with a system consisting of numerical targets, which are assigned to all functions and measured with the same method on the basis of each key performance indicator. These targets are monitored throughout the year and necessary changes and actions are taken. At the end of the year, the performance distribution is determined by comparing the planned targets with the targets realized.