Sectoral Analysis

Within the scope of our Sectoral Analysis service, we analyse the development of the sector in line with trends, risks and opportunities with reliable statistics, and set out our expectations for the future. This advisory service includes conducting sector specific basic evaluations such as the historical development of the sector, statistical realizations, market share and benchmarking analyses, sectoral ratio analysis, activity structures and examinations of current new trends. Our sectoral analysis provides you with comprehensive information regarding the present and future of the sectors which you are operating in or may operate in, while aiming to guide your medium-long-term plans in light of sound predictions.

Target Sector and Company Reviews

With our Target Sector and Company Review advisory, we analyse the target sectors and companies from an operational, commercial and financial perspective for our customers seeking to invest in a sector or company, and determine their future performance. Within the scope of the study, we analyse the company's financial statements, examine their cash flow performance, business plans and perform operational and commercial analysis.

Electricity Price Model

The Electricity Price Model Report, which analyzes Türkiye's electricity market and presents important data, is a resource for understanding the dynamics of the electricity sector and creating strategies for the future. The report analyzes Türkiye's electricity generation capacity and consumption trends, examines in detail how the Market Clearing Price (MCP), which is effective in determining electricity prices in Türkiye, is formed, and provides sector professionals with a perspective on the future of the electricity market in the axis of supply-demand and price dynamics.