PPP (Public-Private Partnership) Project Finance Consultancy

This refers to the provision of technical consultancy services to public or private sector companies in PPP projects. This service covers the strategic and technical examination and evaluation process of the developed PPP projects and includes the technical and strategic evaluation of the project, preparation of the specifications and data room and performing the tender for the public sector, and the technical evaluation which is performed for the tender participation decision process for the private sector companies.

Lender Technical Consultancy

Within the scope of the technical evaluation of the project in the project financing processes undertaken by credit providers, an evaluation of the investment amount, schedule, possible technical risks, permit licensing processes, local and international legislation and other technical specifications is carried out. During the investment and operation phases of the projects, financial and physical progress reports are prepared periodically and the current progress and risk level of the project is monitored.

Technical Consultancy within the Scope of Valuation

Under this consultancy service, the current production and efficiency of the assets subject to valuation are evaluated from a technical point of view and all technical calculations are carried out. Operating costs are analyzed, with projections for future production and capacity, and permits, licenses and contracts regarding any planned investments being reviewed. In line with the maintenance investment needs, the investment amounts - which will constitute an input to the valuation - are determined.