Energy Efficiency Preliminary Audit

Energy costs are one of the most important expense items of industrial plants, commercial establishments, public institutions and residences. The shortest and most effective way to reduce energy costs is to increase energy efficiency. For companies exporting to the EU, energy efficiency will also be a critical tool in reducing the financial burdens of the carbon tax that will arise with the introduction of the European Green Deal.

With the energy efficiency preliminary audit, the energy consumption and cost structure of the facility or enterprise is examined, invoice analysis is carried out, active and passive energy efficiency practices are evaluated in 13 sub-headings determined within the scope of the audit, and opportunity areas where energy efficiency can be improved are identified.

The preliminary audit is completed with recommendations that include low-cost or no-cost, high-return equipment and infrastructure investments, as well as operation and maintenance practices.

Renewable Energy Consulting

This service aims to support the strategic goals of the customer in their sector with technical research, studies and reporting for the entire sector, including the development of renewable energy projects, the trade of existing assets, potential service purchases, briefings on legislation, contribution fee competitions (in licence applications), tenders and compliance with national and international standards.