We ensure the continuity of the activities of companies with the complementary corporate banking instruments which we offer.

We have been the leading provider of Wholesale Banking (Apex Banking) services in Türkiye since 2004. Through this service, we indirectly provide loans for the investment projects and working capital needs of SMEs and exporters throughout Türkiye through banks, participation banks, financial leasing and factoring companies.

SMEs and exporters play an important role in our country’s economic activities and contribute significantly to the increase in employment and production. We support their development through financial institutions. We play an important role in Türkiye's inclusive financing by supporting companies which respect gender equality, increase women's employment and which operate in developing regions. We have extended Apex loans to 835  SMEs over the last 3 years, generating 526  new jobs. As of the end of 2023, loans disbursed through APEX financing accounted for an -4% share of the portfolio.

Financial Leasing

Due to our special status, we also finance the purchase of equipment and machinery in investment projects through the financial leasing method.

Foreign Trade Finance

We increase the global competitive clout of our customers with a range of financing and guarantee options structured according to the foreign trade transactions of importing and exporting companies.

Country (ECA) Loans

We offer preferential solutions in international purchases of equipment with our loans, in which country risk is insured and importers are provided with the opportunity to carry out term purchases.

Letters of Guarantee / External Guarantees / Letters of Credit

We facilitate our customers' domestic and international purchases and sales.

Export Credits / Eximbank Aval Credits

We broker special loans for our customers to be used in their export transactions.

Wholesale Banking Loans

With our Wholesale Banking (Apex Banking) service, we provide indirect loans to the investment projects undertaken by SMEs throughout Türkiye through banks, financial leasing and factoring companies.

Evaluated and financed according to the criteria of global funds provided by TSKB, SMEs find the opportunity to finance their investments in a range of fields including technology upgrade investments, capacity increases, support for developing regions, creating women's employment, increasing exports, energy efficiency and environmental projects.

Our Apex Banking services have reached 835 SMEs in the last 3 years, providing 526 jobs.