The digital platform,, which we implemented in cooperation with the SKD Türkiye (Sustainable Development Association), offers a comprehensive guide to all companies seeking to support women's employment and develop an equal opportunity approach in the workplace.

#EşitAdımlar (#EqualSteps), which is a digital library and uses social media channels effectively, stands out as a platform hosting successful practices from Türkiye and the world, roadmaps, standards and regulations related to the subject and all quality research studies carried out in this field. At least one article is uploaded every day through the web and social media channels.

#EşitAdımlar became one of the 30 best practices among the sustainability or climate-oriented projects led by development banks at the Finance in Common Summit, which is the first global meeting of more than 450 development banks, and which was organized under the leadership of the International Development Finance Club (the IDFC).

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