A cookie is a type of identification file that is stored on a computer or mobile device by any website. It enables computers or mobile devices to be recognized when the website is visited again. Thus, it can increase the functionality and performance of websites and offer solutions to improve your browsing experience. In this context, our Bank's website at also uses cookies. We at Türkiye Sınai Kalkınma Bankası A.Ş. (“TSKB”) would like to explain to you what kind of cookies we use on our website and how you can control these cookies, in accordance with our principle of transparency.


By visiting our bank's website, you accept the placement of cookies necessary for the use of our website on your computer or mobile device.

The cookies we use do not collect personal data or confidential information regarding visitors to our Bank's website. If you still do not wish cookies to be installed, you may change your cookie usage preferences in your browser's settings. However, we would like to remind you that if you delete the cookies and do not accept the storage of future cookies on your computer or mobile device, you may not be able to use some of the features of our Bank's website.

When deemed necessary, TSKB may refuse to use the cookies it uses, or it may change their types or functions or add new cookies to the website. Therefore, it may always change this Cookie Policy. In instances where the Cookie Policy is changed, it will be in place from the date of the update as indicated at the bottom of the page. In this context, we recommend that you periodically review the Cookie Policy and obtain information regarding the use of cookies.


As TSKB, cookies are used on our Bank's website for the following purposes:

  • Temporary "Session Cookies", which are used during the navigation and deleted upon termination of the session, in order to ensure that our website functions properly during the navigation.
  • “Permanent Cookies” to remember your preferences in your past browsing and to add functionality to your next browsing experience.
  • "Analytical Cookies" which collect information such as the number of visitors, detection of pages viewed, session durations and scrolling movements of the website pages in order to improve our services.


The names, functions and storage periods of the types of cookies used on our bank's website are as follows:

Cookie Name Function Storage Time
ASP.NET_SessionId This cookie is only used on websites in a login domain. Required to identify requests from the same browser during a limited session period while browsing the website. Throughout the Session
sfbShellAppLaunched It is stored by third-party Adobe and provides the functionality and usability of the website page and is used to track errors. 180 Days
DV Used by third-party Google Analytics to track website traffic information Throughout the Session
OTZ Used by third-party Google Analytics to track website traffic information 1 Month
_ga Used by a third-party Google Analytics to distinguish visitors to our website. 365 Days
_gat Used by a third-party Google Analytics to track request rates regarding its servers. Throughout the Session
_gid Third-party Google Analytics collects statistical information about how our website is used by visitors. 1 Day
UserMatchHistory A third-party cookie used by LinkedIn for advertising analytics. 1 Month
Bcookie A third-party cookie used by LinkedIn to identify your browser. 2 Years
lang A third-party cookie used by LinkedIn to determine the site language. Throughout the Session
li_sugr A third-party cookie which collects browser details by LinkedIn. 3 Months
lidc A third-party cookie which is used by LinkedIn for redirection. 1 Day
lissc A third-party cookie which is used to see ads specific to you on the LinkedIn platform. 1 Year


To reject or cancel accepted cookies:

  • In Chrome, you can select the "Settings / Privacy / Content Settings / Turn off cookies" option in your browser settings.
  • For Internet Explorer users, you can use "Options/Internet Settings/Privacy/Settings".
  • For Firefox users, you can use the "Tools / Options' / Privacy / Cookie acceptance method / Until Firefox is closed" options


Information regarding your use of our website and your preferences collected by third-party cookies can be shared with Adobe, Google Analytics and LinkedIn platforms which own these cookies. The shared data does not contain any personal data or confidential information.