The health and safety of our workforce, which is building the future of our country, is at the forefront of our activities. We support our customers’ investment projects which eliminate risks in working life.

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Investment Projects

  • Dust filtering and ventilation investments
  • Renovation & modernization of existing equipment which may present an OHS risk
  • Fire safety, detection and first response investments
  • Online gas and dust measurement investments

  • Investments to improve employee welfare (improvements to hygiene conditions, lighting and ventilation systems, construction & renovation of locker rooms)
  • Storage and waste warehouses (high risk, oxidizing, explosive, flammable materials)
  • General and specific prevention investments for production process safety

  • Noise prevention & insulation investments in facilities with noise levels exceeding 80db
  • Investments in personal protective equipment (such as helmets, earmuffs, special clothing, safety shoes)
  • Investments to protect from moving parts of machinery

  • Renovation & modernization of systems and installations deemed risky
  • Investments in automation of manual processes deemed risky
  • Field investments for safety purposes (such as security fences, protective fences, warning signs, lights and signals, road paving for safety 

  • Recovery room investments for emergencies
  • De-dusting investments (for example, in cement factories, foundries, steel production facilities, ready-mixed concrete facilities)
  • Control and monitoring investments (parameters with risk factors such as pressure, temperature, speed)