We are the leading investment bank in this area, having undertaken Türkiye’s first bond issuance, first foreign bond issuance, first convertible bond issuance which can be converted to shares and first bank bond issuance.

As an investment bank which breaks new ground in debt instrument issuances and which regularly brings new players to the capital markets, we offer a high quality of service to our customers. With the consultancy and brokerage services we offer companies seeking to issue debt instruments in the capital markets, we manage the process under the principle of the right timing and approach to the right investor group. We help customers meet their financing needs in the most appropriate way. Since 2019, we have also provided brokerage services in the issuance of Lease Certificates through Varlık Kiralama Şirketi (Varlık Leasing Company), which we established.

Debt instruments for which we offer consultancy and brokerage services

  • Bills & Bonds
  • Lease Certificates (Sukuk)
  • Asset-Backed Securities (ABS)
  • Asset-Guaranteed Securities (AGS)

We remain at your side throughout the entire debt instrument issuance processes

  • Presenting the most appropriate strategies and solutions to meet companies’ needs and expectations in terms of debt instruments within the framework of market conditions.
  • Selection of the most appropriate method among the sales, allocated sales and public offering methods
  • Execution of the issuance with a fixed or variable rate of return
  • Coordination of all application and approval processes to be made to official institutions on behalf of our clients
  • Facilitating the supply of resources under the most favourable conditions thanks to the broad investor base
  • Providing support to ensure liquidity in the secondary market in all issuances in which we are the acting broker

The benefits which issuing debt instruments can bring your company

  • Flexible use of allocated loan limits by creating an alternative to bank loans in terms of debt supply
  • The ability to reshape the financial structure by converting short-term bank loans into debt with the appropriate maturity
  • The opportunity to provide working capital to support growth in certain structures without providing guarantee
  • Increasing corporate credibility with access to the capital markets
  • The relatively low cost when compared to the issuance of shares
  • Increasing corporate prestige and recognition among investors, financiers and business partners
  • The opportunity for more cost-effective borrowing in subsequent issuances as a company which has proven itself in the market