Financial Rehabilitation

With our financial rehabilitation advisory, we help companies whose continuity is under question or have reached the stage of bankruptcy overcome this difficult process in a sound and legal manner. We conduct the communication process with the parties involved in the rehabilitation process, in addition to determining the measures to be taken and the strategies to be developed by examining the financial performance and debt structure of the companies whose continuity is in question. We aim to carry out an effective communication process with the public authorities, creditors and other stakeholders and to fulfil the needs of each stakeholder, to overcome the bankruptcy process and to continue the operations of the company in a satisfactory manner.

Structuring Coaching

Within the scope of our Structuring Coaching service, we provide support to companies with a low financial performance in helping them to restructure their financial structure.

With our experienced team in this field, we conduct an objective assessment of the financial performance of the company and sustainability of the structure, and act as your professional solution partner for the issues requiring attention.

In addition, we evaluate alternative sources of financing and offer financial projections within the scope of debt restructuring proposals in accordance with your needs and determine a restructuring strategy.

Financial Communication Strategies

We assist companies which have experienced difficulty fulfilling their financial obligations by helping them create a clear and concise communication strategy which serves to protect them against potential reputation loss or loss of trust among their creditors.

In addition, in communication with all external stakeholders, including investors, analysts, the public disclosure platform and the media, we carry out work which includes elements such as the event type, the disclosure method and calendar to ensure that the content and messages are consistent with the company’s corporate strategy while ensuring coordination.