With our Economy and Financial Markets Outlook 

With our Economy and Financial Markets Outlook service, we inform senior executives and finance departments of companies regarding developments in the global and Turkish economy ahead of critical financial decisions. We also provide content on current market pricing and possible scenarios. We regularly share our forecasts on leading macroeconomic variables such as exchange rates, interest rates and inflation.

Forecasting and Scenario Analysis

With our Forecasting and Scenario Analysis advisory, we aim to reveal the possible risks and opportunities facing national economies in order to guide companies in their investments and strategies within the framework of the macroeconomic projections.

For this purpose, we draw up assumptions by forecasting economic, political and geopolitical developments at a global and national level and as a result of these assumptions, we generate short and medium- term projections within different scenarios related to macroeconomic and financial variables such as growth, inflation, market interest rates and exchange rates.

With these scenario analysis studies, we guide companies on creating business plans under different conditions, purchasing financial protection services and planning budgets.

Macroeconomics Presentations for the Board of Directors

We offer presentations to companies’ senior management and boards of directors to support their decision-making processes, where we interactively set out our expectations regarding the current macroeconomic and market outlook together with our relevant projections.

We update our presentations in Turkish and English on a monthly and quarterly basis.

Macro Activity and Micro Agenda Monitoring

With our Macro Activity and Micro Agenda Monitoring service, we monitor sub-items and structural developments in macroeconomic activity through monthly data with varying frequencies.

We monitor macro indicators such as production, sales, exports and financing on an activity basis. We evaluate these indicators together with the current status and trends of activities. Our work includes the news flow of the activities and main agenda items and it is carried out two or four times each year in the form of a presentation. With this service, we assist the managers of companies active in the finance sector and multiple economic activities in forming an idea about the course of economic performance.