Financial Planning and Budgeting

With our Financial Planning and Budgeting advisory service, we perform a detailed examination of your company's ability to attain the financial targets set by your company for a certain period of time as well as the budget prepared for these targets.

We contribute to the improvement of the company's financial processes within the framework of the evaluation of strategic decision options, the profitability profile, investment and financing methods.

With this service, we help your company correctly carry out budgeting and planning work and to manage cash flow more effectively by intervening promptly where there any risks or issues are identified.

Financial Strategy and Modeling

With our Financial Strategy advisory service, we perform a detailed examination of your company's medium-long-term goals and development areas. We contribute to effective strategic decision-making processes by considering the outputs of financial models established based on various variables and actions.

Within the scope of our Financial Modeling service, we prepare special financial models which include projections of the operating and borrowing structure, investment plans and the effects of sectoral developments by considering your opinions and assumptions regarding your company or project. We guide you in drafting out your roadmap for the future.

With these services, we aim to offer you a structured and clear perspective based on accurate and reliable assessments for your future strategic decision making.

The CFO Office Transformation

In addition to monitoring your company's financial activities, our CFO Office Transformation advisory ensures that the functions of the CFO, which is playing a more instrumental role in strategic decision-making processes, and all of their subordinates are restructured in order to respond quickly and accurately to changing demands.

We aim to increase financial management competency as well as bringing about a more streamlined process of monitoring and reporting of financial, operational and strategic processes under the influence of the CFO function for financial institutions and investors.

With this service, we aim to add value to your company by contributing to the efficient operation of all units affiliated to the CFO.

Management Competency Analysis

With our Management Competency Analysis advisory, we examine the company's current financial management structure, determine its management capacity and determine the level of financial management effectiveness by performing competency analyses. We analyse the competencies of financial management levels (staffing) such as technical knowledge, management, strategic planning, communication, decision making and reporting.

With this service, we offer you the opportunity to conduct an objective assessment of your company's financial management and aim to shed some light on what training, adjustment and structuring activities are required within the framework of the findings.

Financial Risk Management

With our Financial Risk Management advisory, we ensure that the financial risks which your company is exposed to are examined, while reviewing the actions taken to prevent and reduce the impact of the identified financial risks.

In our study, we analyse risk factors such as the financial statements, receivables, payables, the operating cycle and loans. We evaluate how the exchange rate risk and financial risks are managed.

With this service, we aim to predict the negative impact of financial risks on your company's financial structure at the right time, deploying the right instruments to reduce or prevent these risks from being realised.