Export Market Diversification Strategy

With our Market Diversification Strategy in Exports advisory, we evaluate your current export strategies and offer a macro assessment of which markets offer high sales potential. Our services are strategic approach with the ultimate aim of contributing to ensure your company gets off on the right track in international trade with the right market.

In this context, we identify specific target markets for selected products, and reveal the export potential for these countries by assessing Türkiye's export performance in selected target countries. We also evaluate the macroeconomic outlook and risk indicators for the target countries.

Foreign Market Modeling and Competitor Analysis 

With our Foreign Market Modeling and Competitor Analysis service, we conduct positioning studies by examining the product portfolio of exporting companies. We offer suggestions revising the export strategy where necessary, or if the company should focus more on exports.

We analyze Türkiye's competitive position for selected products and assess export markets in a holistic wayWe conduct detailed analysis on subjects such as pricing, sales information and changes in prices over time, the competitive position of competing countries in the export of related products and the macroeconomic outlook and projections regarding these markets.

In the light of our evaluations, we aim to support these companies in forming the right strategies by creating short- and medium-term demand projections for the relevant products.

Complexity Atlas

Our Complexity Atlas advisory is aimed at determining the products which will provide advantages in the development of bilateral trade relations for the public sector; for private sector companies, we aim to contribute to investment, growth and market diversification strategies.

By examining the country’s current production competencies of public institutions and private sector companies, we identify the priority products that are currently competitive and have the potential to gain competitiveness. We calculate the price, quality and complexity indicators for these products.

We also develop new export market proposals for each identified product.