Project Finance

We work to offer you the most ideal solutions with our project financing services based on the cash flow of the project will generate.

Project Finance came into being by synthesizing the approach taken in conventional commercial banking of evaluating a project solely on the basis of the overall picture of the project owner with the investment banking discipline of examining projects and assets independently of the firm itself. In recent years, project finance has become the preferred method of financing many landmark projects.

In this context, Project Finance represents the creation of a financing structure which will ensure repayment of the loan based on the cash flow which the project will create, with the assets of the project, rather than the company, considered as collateral for the loans to be granted. 

Rather than focusing on the general credit needs of a company, Project Finance focusses on the financing needs which will arise due to initiatives such as a completely new or growth-oriented investment projects, a merger or an acquisition, and asset purchase, as well as the cash flows of these projects. 

With our wide-ranging portfolio in the field of project finance and the wide array of projects which have been awarded in the international arena, we are among the leading institutions in this field in Türkiye.