We lead the sector with our qualified human resources in the fields of Development and Investment Banking and Advisory Services.

Hence, we make a real difference thanks to our highly educated and experienced employees who are capable of doing business in global markets with their professional expertise. 

Internship Program

During our part-time internship programs, which does not differ from real work experience, postgraduate and senior undergraduate students gain experience focused on their personal development by playing an active role in projects and participating in meetings. After the internship and upon their graduation, they have the opportunity to start working in our bank as assistant specialist.

In addition to voluntary interns, we also offer internship opportunities to college students and vocational high school students who are obliged to undergo an internship.

The following qualifications are sought in university interns:

  • Being a final (4th) year undergraduate student with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Economics, Engineering etc. or being a postgraduate student with a Master Degree in the fields of Finance or Economics,
  • A good command of English,
  • Ability to work effectively as a team member,
  • Having self-confidence and entrepreneurial spirit.


New Graduate Recruitment

Transition from Internship to Assistant Specialist

At our bank, senior undergraduate or postgraduate students gain experience, that is no different from real work experience, for six months. Once they graduate, they have the opportunity to start working with the title of assistant specialist.


The TSKB Academy

The recent graduate candidates that have Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Economics, Industrial Engineering etc. or have Master’s degree in the fields of Finance or Economics from English taught universities are evaluated. Candidates who have successfully completed the qualifying criteria join TSKB as Assistant Specialists. They have the opportunity to start their working life with the occupational training programs planned for them and the rotation programs which enable them to experience different departments. 


Experienced Professional Recruitment

We strive to attract new team members to our experienced staff in order to maintain and strength our professional and specialized team who have the experience and knowledge in international banking and finance with their academic background.

General qualifications sought in the candidates who want to join the TSKB team:

  • Bachelor’s degree from a related department,
  • Master's degree preferably in a finance-related discipline,
  • Very good command of English,
  • Work experience in their area of specialization,
  • Possessing the technical knowledge, skills, and competencies required by the position
  • Working with a common mind and having the desire to shape the future