In order to create an employee profile which is compatible with our strategy and the future, we help our employees discover their potential and support their development.

Organizational development activities are gathered around four main pillars - potential, competence, technical knowledge, skills and performance. These four main areas are measured periodically and the work constitutes a source for training and back-up activities. 

In light of these efforts, we provide our employees with the knowledge and skills required to perform specialized banking through customized training programs, thus contributing to the sustainable development of our human resources.

We offer our employees various learning and development activities in order to improve their technical/professional knowledge and personal skills. 

We consider supporting business strategies in all training programs. We implement orientation and coaching system processes in order to support the rapid adaptation of new employees to TSKB. 

We organize New Graduate Training Programs for recent university graduates . We aim to prepare the managerial candidates for the future with the training program structured to train well-equipped bankers in the field of Development and Investment Banking.

For our experienced staff, we offer customized training programs which are in line with the Bank’s business strategies and required in their duties. In addition to these programs, our employees may participate in various training programs to support their personal development and management skills. With the Training Catalogue, which is prepared every year with updated content, experienced instructors staff and trending topics, our employees have access to training programs which will their support daily lives.

We aim to identify young employees with potential to whom we can entrust our future before they reach mid-level managerial positions, and to develop them for management positions by drawing up and succession plans. In this context, we support competence development with one-to-one development plans as well as various management and leadership programs. We aim to ensure sustainable development with these training programs which are designed with an integrated learning model which offers a blend of classroom and online learning.

Apart from these training programs, we also outsource training and internship opportunities from reputable domestic or foreign institutions.

In 2023, we spent 11.6 million TL on the professional and personal development of human capital within the scope of training and development activities.

“Bize değer!” We offer user-friendly mobile and support applications to our employees in order to ensure employee well-being and work-private life harmonization.