Your privacy is important to us. Our Privacy Policy sets out the basic rules which we adopt in order to protect the confidentiality of the information which you provide when you visit or use our Bank's online services, such as the corporate website,, the TSKB Online and Apex Banking (hereon to be referred to as the "Website").

  • You may visit pages from the TSKB website, obtain information about our products and services, read our reports, and benefit from our human resources and other detailed services without providing any personal information.
  • Under the clear regulation set out in the Banking Law, our Bank is legally required to ensure the confidentiality and security of our customers' information and demonstrate the highest level of sensitivity.

In order for all our Bank's employees to demonstrate the at the highest level of sensitivity in this regard, detailed regulations are set out in our Bank’s internal regulations, and the protection of customer information is taken into consideration in all practices and processes.

Our basic approach is to protect all information regarding the Bank and our customers from unauthorized access, misuse and alteration, corruption and destruction, and to uphold the confidentiality, integrity and usability of information.

  • In order to protect the personal data of our customers, necessary measures have been taken by ensuring the highest level of reliability of our Bank’s system and internet infrastructure. Informative texts of the protection of personal data at our Bank can be reached here.
  • Information regarding our customers shall not be shared with any third party or company unless our approved by our customers or under legal obligation.
  • In the event that our bank works with different organizations to obtain support services, it will ensure that these companies comply with the bank's confidentiality standards and conditions.
  • Our website provides links and referrers to other websites. The commitments set out in our Privacy Policy are valid only within our website and do not cover other websites. TSKB is not responsible for the content of these sites and TSKB cannot be held liable for any damages that may arise from the use of these sites.
  • In accordance with the legal regulations, the records of all transactions carried out by our employees and customers at our Bank are maintained completely and accurately in a secure environment. This information, which may be provided to legal authorities without informing the customer upon request by the legal authorities, is never shared with third parties.
  • Our Bank reserves the right to carry out changes without prior notice in order to keep our Privacy Policy up to date and in line with the relevant legislation. If changes are made to the privacy policy, the updated policy will be posted on our website. This policy was last updated on 3 January 2018.
  • Click here to access the "BRSA Communiqué on the Principles to form the basis of Management of Information Systems in Banks".


Authorized Audit Authority: The BRSA-Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency


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