Appointment to Senior Position at TSKB

3 May 2024
- 2 min. Read

According to the announcement released on May 2, 2024, via the Public Disclosure Platform (PDP) by the Industrial Development Bank of Türkiye, Tolga Sert, previously serving as Director since May 1, 2022, has been promoted to the position of Assistant General Manager.

Tolga Sert, born in 1973 in Malatya, completed his education at Middle East Technical University (METU), graduating from the Department of Petroleum Engineering in 1995. In 2003, he received his master’s degree in Business Administration at Yeditepe University.

Sert embarked on his professional journey in 1995 and subsequently joined the Treasury Department of TSKB (Industrial Development Bank of Türkiye) in 1998, assuming the role of Assistant Investment Advisor. He assumed duties at TSKB’s Risk Management, Financial Control, Bahrain Branch, Investor Relations and Budget and Planning departments.

In 2016, Sert transitioned to the role of TSKB Financial Control Manager. Subsequently, on May 1, 2022, he was promoted to the position of Director. Sert, who oversaw departments including Financial Analysis, Loan Portfolio Management and Analytics, Budget and Planning, and Financial Control, has been appointed as Assistant General Manager as of May 2, 2024.

At TSKB’s Board of Directors meeting on May 2, 2024, it was resolved that Tolga Sert would be appointed as Assistant General Manager, with his assumption of the new role subject to the completion of the legal procedures mandated by the Banking Law.