Ece Börü Named TSKB's New CEO

12 August 2020
- 3 min Read

A statement submitted by TSKB to the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP) on August 12, 2020 stated the following: “Through its resolution of August 12, 2020, our Bank's Board of Directors decided to appoint Ms. Ece Börü, Executive Vice President and Acting CEO at TSKB, as the CEO of our Bank after the process of legal applications and approvals required by the Banking Law is completed, and to install Ms. Ece Börü as a natural member of our Board of Directors after she assumes office as the CEO."

Born in 1966 in Istanbul, Ece Börü graduated from the Department of Management Engineering at Istanbul Technical University in 1988. Börü started her career as an Assistant Expert for Financial Control at TSKB in 1989, and was appointed Head of Financial Control in 2000 and Head of the Board of Internal Auditors in 2006. Börü was later promoted as Deputy CEO on December 1, 2013. In that capacity, Börü was responsible for departments such as Corporate Architecture and Process Management, Financial Analysis and Valuation, Budget Planning and Investor Relations, Loan Monitoring, Human Resources, Talent Management and Corporate Communications. Börü is currently responsible for Credit Facility, Special Loans, Credit Analysis, Budget and Planning, and Financial Control Departments. Furthermore, she serves as the chairperson of TSKB's Sustainability Committee, Board Chairperson at TSKB Pension and Assistance Funds, Board Chairperson at Yatırım Finansman Menkul Değerler A.Ş., and, as of April 3, 2020, as the Acting CEO at TSKB.