Meaningful Accolade for TSKB’s Centennial of the Republic Library Project

26 March 2024
- 2 min. Read

TSKB’s special project, the TSKB Centennial of the Republic Library, aimed at supporting social and cultural development in 11 earthquake-affected provinces, has been honored with an award. Embarking on the mission of establishing ‘11 libraries in 11 provinces’ by 2025 and inaugurating school libraries in three different cities to date, the Bank has been honored with the Aydın İleri Library and Contribution to Reading Culture Award by the School Librarians Association.

TSKB (The Industrial Development Bank of Türkiye), contributing to Türkiye’s comprehensive and sustainable development for 74 years, was honored with an award for its special initiative aimed at ensuring uninterrupted education in earthquake-affected provinces and bringing the healing power of books to children in the region. The School Librarians Association recognized the Bank’s efforts by awarding it the Aydın İleri Library and Contribution to Reading Culture Award for its post-earthquake project launched in 2023. 

In September 2023, the Bank inaugurated its first school library at Mehmet Akif Ersoy Primary School in the Gölbaşı district of Adıyaman, marking the initial phase of the project launched on the occasion of the Republic’s 100th anniversary. In January 2024, TSKB inaugurated two more libraries in Nurdağı / Gaziantep, and Pazarcık / Kahramanmaraş, as part of its ongoing efforts, with plans set for further library openings in other provinces. Determined to establish 11 enriched school libraries across 11 provinces by 2025, the Bank is striving to contribute to the future of many more students by finalizing library projects in additional cities. The libraries, designed in an enhanced library format to foster equal educational opportunities, boast a diverse collection of books along with an array of mind-stimulating games and educational aids aimed at nurturing children’s cognitive development.

The “Contribution to Reading Culture Award,” initiated by the School Librarians Association in 2013, was renamed the “Aydın İleri Library and Contribution to Reading Culture Award” in honor of the late Founding President of the Association, Aydın İleri, who passed away in 2022. The award program holds significant value within the realm of librarianship, culture, and the arts. The recipients of the award include prominent figures and esteemed organizations within Türkiye’s cultural and artistic spheres.