The Women Stars of Tomorrow Education Support Fund, a TSKB-İKSV Collaboration, Celebrates 5th Year

8 July 2022
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Launched by TSKB in 2018 in collaboration with İKSV-İstanbul Music Festival, the “Women Stars of Tomorrow: Young Women Musicians Support Fund” has provided support to 16 more talented students of music in its 5th year. Young female musicians have the opportunity to share the stage with the leading female star soloists of our country at the Women Stars of Tomorrow concerts, held every year within the scope of the fund, which has reached approximately 70 young female musicians since its launch. Young female musicians gave an outstanding performance at the concert held at Süreyya Opera House on Thursday, June 23, where violinist Pelin Halkacı Akın took part as an opinion leader. Ticket revenues from the 5th Women Stars of Tomorrow Concert, the first physical concert after the concerts recorded without an audience and broadcast online, will be transferred to the Women Stars of Tomorrow education fund.

Realized with the collaboration of TSKB as part of the İstanbul Music Festival organized by the İstanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV), the “Women Stars of Tomorrow: Young Female Musicians Education Support Fund” supported 16 young women this year on their way to their dreams. The young female musicians who were eligible to benefit from the fund gave an outstanding performance at the Women Stars of Tomorrow concert held at Süreyya Opera House on Thursday, June 23. In the Towards the Concert Speeches, organized to introduce unique experiences to the audience before the concert, the success stories of Belfu Berkol and Büşra Ün were conveyed under the moderation of Menekşe Tokyay. In the series, which hosts speakers from different disciplines, this year, the success stories of inventor Belfu Berkol, who first produces bio-plastic raw materials from pumpkin shells and then medicine capsules from this raw material, and Büşra Ün, the first Turkish female tennis player to participate in the Paralympic Games, were narrated.

Pelin Halkacı Akın, concertmaster of the Borusan İstanbul Philharmonic Orchestra, shared the stage with young female musicians as guest artist. The ticket revenues of the first physical Womens Stars of Tomorrow concert held after the pandemic will be transferred to the “Young Female Musicians Education Support Fund”.

TSKB has been supporting the concerts within the scope of İstanbul Music Festival organized by İKSV since 1990. Contributing to the “Women Stars of Tomorrow” project as “Education Support Fund Sponsor” since 2018, the bank carries the added value it creates with its financial services in women’s employment, equal opportunity and inclusive development to the social and cultural sphere.

Murat Bilgiç: “Our young female musicians will be the most important cultural ambassadors of our country in the global arena.”

Stating that they are very happy to celebrate the 5th year of the project, TSKB CEO Murat Bilgiç said, “We have shared the dreams of nearly 70 gifted music students in the last 5 years, together with 16 young female musicians who were entitled to benefit from our education support fund this year. We listen to them with great pride every year on the İstanbul Music Festival stage. We believe that the Women Stars of Tomorrow will successfully represent our country on the global stage and become important cultural ambassadors after the qualified training they receive. It is very gratifying that we get to contribute to their success. At TSKB, we have been realizing important collaborations for 72 years with the principle of creating value for the economic, environmental, social and cultural development of our country. We design our social responsibility projects with the same perspective and offer long-term support in the areas we focus on. We consider education, culture and art projects that center on equality of opportunity and sustainability to be extremely important. We will continue to focus on our efforts in this direction in the coming years.”