TSKB Becomes First Turkish Investment and Development Bank Member in "Global Compact" of United Nations

12 October 2010
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First private investment and development bank in Turkey, TSKB (Industrial Development Bank of Turkey ) has become a member to United Nations Global Compact. TSKB enjoys the legitimate pride of being the first and only investment and development bank among 412 Turkish companies included in United Nations Global Compact. Focusing on and prioritizing “Environment and Sustainable Development” since 1980’s and being the first bank certified with ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, TSKB has become member to United Nations Global Compact on June this year.

Global Compact adapted by the companies on voluntary basis within the framework of social responsibility is composed of 10 principles determined on human rights, working conditions, environment and corruption issues. TSKB shows its sensitivity on the social issues on global scale by being first Turkish investment and development bank included in United Nations Global Compact where the Bank became a member in line with its responsiveness to environmental and other issues. Orhan Beskok, Executive Vice President in TSKB, reiterated the importance attached by the Bank for the works and activities in this area as a bank awarded for the third time with “Sustainable Bank of the Year” in Eastern Europe in “Emerging Markets ” category within the framework of 2010 Financial Times Sustainable Banking Awards.

Stating that they are aiming to open the doors for a sustainable future with 10 principles of United Nation Global Compact on human rights, working conditions, environment and corruption, Mr. Beskok continued "We all enjoy legitimate pride of being Turkish investment bank involved in the initiative and working for the good of our country displaying a model corporate responsibility".

Mrs. Hulya Kurt, Environmental Management Representative of TSKB, underlined the contributions of the initiative to the environments saying "United Nations Global Compact is the evidence of the member companies' responsiveness to the environmental issues. In this context, the Initiative emphasizes more on sustainable banking studies of TSKB. While environmental responsibility gains more importance day by day, it puts additional value on TSKB for being first Turkish investment and development bank that adopts these principles on voluntary basis.”

United Nations Global Compact

The initiative, which was started by United Nations in July 2000, signifies that the companies undertake certain responsibilities especially in business world. The initiative, composed of 10 principles with the main headings human rights, working conditions, environment and corruption, stands on disposal of the companies.

The studies dealing with adoption of respective principles are published in form of a report on official website of United Nations.