TSKB Disclosed Its First Half Financial Results

8 January 2013
- 3 min Read

TSKB’s asset size surged up to TRY 11,321 million, while total loan book reached TRY 7,562 million.

Turkey’s first privately-owned development and investment bank, the Industrial Development Bank of Turkey(TSKB) announced its first half financial results. TSKB’s bank-only profit before tax reads as TRY 214.2 million, exceeding the last years figure, while net profit was recorded as TRY 176.7 million with an annual increase of 2.2%.

TSKB’s asset size reached TRY 11,321 million, recording an annual increase of %15.4. As of 30th of June 2013, TSKB sustained its strong capital structure at TRY 1.8 billion while delivering a ROAE of 20% and a ROAA of 3.3%.

TSKB’s loan portfolio reached TRY 7,562 million with an increase of 15.6% compared to first half of the previous year. The loan growth during the first six months of 2013 was 9.7%.

Net interest income reached TRY 228.4 million with a 7% increase compared to the first half of the previous year. Total operating income soared by 3.2% to TRY 272.1 million.