Tskb Gets Highest Score In 'Study On Transparency In Corporate Reporting'

20 March 2015
- 2 min Read

Results of the "Study on Transparency in Corporate Reporting" performed by the International Transparency Association for the companies in the BIST-100 Index have been announced. TSKB ranked first among nationwide companies, with an average score of 98 in the categories of "fighting corruption" and "organizational transparency". TSKB obtained 96 points in "Reporting the Anti-Corruption Program" and 100 points in "Organizational Transparency", becoming the highest-ranking company in the BIST-100 Index with an average score of 98.

The International Transparency Association has published its "Transparency in Corporate Reporting" study, which is based on the corporate reports of the companies listed on the Istanbul Stock Exchange's BIST-100 index, which features the largest publicly-traded companies based in Turkey. The study was performed in three dimensions: "Reporting the Anti-Corruption Program", "Organizational Transparency" and "Country-Level Reporting".

Commenting on the issue, Özcan Türkakın, General Manager of TSKB, said: "As a bank that has been among the organizations with the highest scores in the BIST Corporate Management Index since 2009, we attach great importance to compliance with global ethical values and transparency in our activities. We are proud of the high score we got in the "Transparency in Corporate Reporting" study, which we think is an effort that encourages companies to become more transparent. We will continue to create long-term value for our country in accordance with our sustainable banking approach."