TSKB Inaugurates Two New School Libraries in Gaziantep and Kahramanmaraş

15 January 2024
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TSKB not only contributes comprehensively to the ongoing recovery and redevelopment processes in earthquake-impacted provinces but also places the earthquake region at the forefront of its social responsibility projects. TSKB (Industrial Development Bank of Türkiye), with the goal of establishing 11 school libraries in 11 provinces by 2025, inaugurated two new libraries this year in the Nurdağı district of Gaziantep and the Pazarcık district of Kahramanmaraş, continuing on from the school library project that opened in the Gölbaşı district of Adıyaman last year. During the opening ceremonies of the libraries, realized in collaboration with the Turkish Librarians Association and the Directorates of National Education, TSKB CEO Murat Bilgiç said, “In 2023, the 100th anniversary of our Republic, TSKB committed to establishing 11 enrichedschool libraries in 11 cities by 2025 to contribute to the recovery of earthquake-impacted provinces. We have already introduced three school libraries to this region in a short period of time. I hope that the newly inaugurated libraries in Gaziantep and Kahramanmaraş will be highly beneficial for our students and our country. We are committed to contributing to the future of more students by establishing additional libraries in the remaining provinces.”

TSKB (Industrial Development Bank of Türkiye), dedicated to high quality development and a sustainable future, continues its endeavors to aid the recovery in earthquake-impacted regions. Embarking on the mission of ‘11 libraries in 11 provinces’ on the 100th anniversary of the Republic, the Bank is steadfast in establishing enriched school libraries (E-Library). These libraries not only house an extensive book collection but also provide various brain training games and educational support tools, contributing to the mental development of children and promoting equal opportunities in education. TSKB has successfully inaugurated libraries in Gaziantep and Kahramanmaraş, following the earlier establishment in Adıyaman. On January 12, the Bank inaugurated E-Libraries in collaboration with the Turkish Librarians Association, Gaziantep District Directorate of National Education, and Kahramanmaraş District Directorate of National Education. TSKB’s commitment includes plans to open eight additional school libraries by the end of 2025.

The E-Library, featuring an aesthetically pleasing and ergonomic design, has been carefully crafted as a social activity hub aimed at nurturing students’ passion for knowledge and facilitating their learning experiences. It boasts an extensive collection of over 4 thousand books, an array of brain training games, state-of-the-art technology, and educational support tools, all designed to enhance children’s reading abilities and foster their intellectual development.

TSKB CEO Murat Bilgiç: “We are committed to contributing to the future of more students”

TSKB CEO Murat Bilgiç expressed great satisfaction in inaugurating E-Libraries in Gaziantep and Kahramanmaraş following Adıyaman to contribute to quality development in earthquake-affected regions, adding, “As we approach the first anniversary of the earthquake disaster we experienced in February 2023, we continue to work with a strong sense of responsibility to support recovery in the earthquake-impacted regions. Since the beginning, we have maintained close ties with the region, providing both humanitarian aid and sustainable financing opportunities. We also contribute to the region’s recovery through our social responsibility projects. In 11 cities, we persist in our project to establish enriched school libraries, contributing to the future of our children. The libraries inaugurated in Adıyaman, Gaziantep, and Kahramanmaraş will persist in illuminating the path for our youth and students, fostering hope. We are committed to contributing to the future of more students by establishing additional libraries in the remaining provinces by the year 2025.”