TSKB is the first Turkish bank to publish GRI A+ level sustainability report

7 November 2013
- 2 min Read

Integrating the concept of sustainability into all of its banking services successfully, TSKB has achieved another first in the Turkish finance sector by receiving A+ level approval from the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) for its third Sustainability Report.

The report, evaluating the sustainability performance of TSKB in economy, environment and management for the period 2011-2012, is issued for the first time in Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) A+ level. "+" level of the report means that all sustainability related performance realizations of the have successfully passed the external audit.

Some of the sustainability-related activities TSKB became renowned for are as follows;

Establishing the first and only Sustainability Management System in the Turkish banking sector and announcement of Environmental Policy to the public.

Applying Environmental Risk Evaluation Model to every investment project financed by the Bank.

Becoming the first carbon-neutral bank

Publishing the first Sustainability Report in the sector,

Becoming a member of the Carbon Disclosure Project,

Declaring its commitment to the UNEP FI and the UN Global Compact.

Türkakın: "We will continue our commitment to create long-term value for our country."

CEO of TSKB Özcan Türkakın said "Since the early 2000's, TSKB has been providing resources to the sustainable investments of its customers from different industries, particularly investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency in the context of combating climate change. Our efforts on environmental protection and switching to a low carbon economy are of great importance to Turkey's sustainable development.

TSKB closely follows its sustainable banking mission not only in financial support but also in projects that aim to raise social responsibility and social awareness. The level of expertise and the capacity that we have reached at TSKB, placed us in the position of being one of the flagships of sustainability in Europe and allowed us to ensure that the value we create to our shareholders is permanent. As TSKB, we will continue our commitment to create long-term value both for our country and the world."