TSKB launches Türkiye's first environmental video portal…

24 November 2009
- 2 min Read

cevreciyiz.TV on air

Attracting great interest from all segments of society by establishing the first environmental portal as a part of the social responsibility project launched in 2007 under the motto “Environment is Our Priority”, TSKB is now launching cevreciyiz.TV, Türkiye's most comprehensive environmental video portal.

Expressing the bank’s pride of being referred to as “Türkiye's environment-friendly bank” due to the bank’s efforts in the fields of renewable energy and environment as the institution approaches its 60th anniversary of establishment, TSKB General Manager Halil Eroğlu said: “The environment issue is always a top priority on the TSKB agenda. Based on this mission of ours, we wish to raise the environmental awareness of each society segment from 7 to 70 by reaching out to them through different communication channels.”

Caring about the environment at each step it makes, TSKB, “the environment friendly bank of Türkiye” launches cevreciyiz.TV in order to promote its approach on the environment issue even further.

Preparing to become Türkiye's most comprehensive video portal on environment, cevreciyiz.TV is starting its broadcasting life with great surprises.

Starting its life on the web by offering a rich video archive that contains campaign advertising movies of certain NGOs on issues such as climate change, energy, environment and wild life as well as award winning films of young directors, cevreciyiz.TV invites persons and organizations producing films in this category to upload their videos to the portal.

Speaking at the introduction meeting of cevreciyiz.TV, Türkiye's first environmental video portal, TSKB General Manager Halil Eroğlu said: “Environment and sustainable future are highly important for TSKB. Topping the list of priorities of the world and therefore of our country during the recent years, these two issues have been under consideration at TSKB since 1980s. As TSKB we believe that living in a more habitable world is only possible through responsible actions sensitive to environment and climate change related issues.

It takes a minute to see the global change!

Highlighting that, relying on the great popular interest attracted by, Türkiye's most comprehensive environmental portal launched in 2007, TSKB has continued its efforts to reach out to all segments of society and keep its leading position on the issue by establishing cevreciyiz.TV to serve the same goal, Eroğlu continued his speech as follows:

“As we enjoy our time at ours homes and offices, global changes are taking place every second that are either irreversible or will take ages to reverse. Our objective is to draw attention to those changes. To give an example, 12 trees are cut down and hazardous gases sufficient to poison 100 persons are emitted into the atmosphere in just 1 minute. Each minute witnesses the disappearance of 50 kilograms of arable soil and a loss of one representative of a scarce species. How long can this vicious cycle go on? We claim that it takes only a minute to understand the global change and believe that cevreciyiz.TV is going to be a highly important resource on this issue.”