TSKB Named “Turkey’s Most Sustainable Bank” for the Second Year in a Row

20 June 2022
- 3 min. Read

Named “Turkey’s Most Sustainable Bank” in the “World Finance Banking 2022” award program, TSKB continues to crown its pioneering role in the Turkish finance sector, the result of its committed steps, with the awards it receives.

TSKB (Industrial Development Bank of Turkey), which continues its activities with the vision of supporting Turkey’s sustainable and inclusive development with its corporate banking, investment banking and consultancy services, was awarded the title of “Turkey's Most Sustainable Bank” again this year. The Bank was named “Turkey’s Most Sustainable Bank” in 2022 by World Finance Magazine, one of the most prestigious publications of the world of finance in the global arena, and was awarded the first place in this category for two years in a row. Organized annually by World Finance Magazine, the “World Finance Banking 2022” award program highlights banks that make a difference in the international arena with the steps they take towards sustainability. 

For the last 30 years, TSKB has been actively supporting the green transformation of the Turkish real sector with its financing opportunities and consultancy capacity, aiming to create a positive impact and tangible contribution in the fields of environment, climate and social development. Positioning the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at its core, the bank plays a pioneering role in the finance sector thanks to the committed steps it takes.

With 90 percent of its loan portfolio consisting of SDG-related loans, TSKB provides financing support for environmental and social-themed investments such as renewable energy, energy and resource efficiency, circular economy, environment, women’s employment, developing regions, and occupational health and safety. With its projects in the field of environmental sustainability, the bank has supported nearly 400 renewable energy power plants and nearly 150 energy and resource efficiency projects in the last 20 years, representing 15% of Turkey’s renewable energy installed capacity. Through these investments, TSKB makes solid contribution to Turkey’s transition to low-carbon economy with an annual carbon emission reduction of approximately 16 million tons.

“We are the most competent business partner of our stakeholders with our sustainability experience at global standards.”

TSKB CEO Murat Bilgiç stated that they are greatly pleased that TSKB’s activities in the field of sustainability are crowned with awards and said, “As the green economic transformation gains momentum with new regulations all over the world, we continue to be the most competent business partner of our stakeholders with our sustainability experience at global standards. We closely follow the world and prepare our customers and our industry for a Net Zero Emission future with the effective collaborations we develop and the wide range of qualified services we offer. We owe our competence in this area to our early start and our integration of the sustainable banking model into all our activities from end to end. Sustainability is a journey of transformation where both organizations and the ecosystem win with the right steps taken. The fact that our innovative products and services, as well as our green and social-themed funding, are well-received by our customers and business partners, and that the positive impact we create together grows by the year, gives us hope for the future. We transparently share this impact and our targets, which we elevate every year, with the public through our integrated annual reports. The fact that our outstanding sustainability performance, which we have achieved with the systematic and conscious steps we have taken, attracts attention and receives awards on global platforms further increases our motivation.”