TSKB Receives Another Award for Its Responsible Sustainability Communication Approach

9 May 2023
- 3 min. Read

Taking effective steps towards transition to a low-carbon economy with its pioneering practices, TSKB received the “Low Carbon Hero” award at the 8th Istanbul Carbon Summit with Turkey’s first Responsible Sustainability Communication Policy.

Organized jointly by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change and Sustainable Production and Consumption Association (SPCA) and hosted by Istanbul Technical University (ITU), the 8th Istanbul Carbon Summit was held with the theme “Climate Resilient Industry and Strong Turkey”. The senior executives of leading organizations discussed “Climate Finance for Climate Resilience”, “Carbon Management and Energy” and “Carbon Management and Industry” at the Summit.  

TSKB Sustainability Consultancy-ESCARUS General Manager Kubilay Kavak, PhD, and TSKB Sustainability Coordinator Ayşe Nazlıca attended the “Climate Finance” session as speakers.

TSKB (Industrial Development Bank of Turkey), which applied to the award program organized within the scope of the Summit with the projects “Turkey’s First Responsible Sustainability Communication Policy” and “Turkey’s First Energy Efficient Sustainability Communication Campaign: Reshaping Habits”, was deemed worthy of the award in the “Carbon Management Achievements with Social Impact” category.

Contributing to climate and environmentally friendly investments and inclusive economic growth with its sustainable banking model, the Bank is committed to minimizing its environmental footprint in its communication activities with the Responsible Sustainability Communication Policy published at the end of 2022. With this policy, prepared as a comprehensive guide to inspire the business world and brand professionals, TSKB emphasizes the importance of transparent public disclosure of measurable sustainability performance and setting concrete targets. The Bank points out that successful and effective success stories should replace green painting practices, which are one of the biggest obstacles to green transformation through responsible communication.

Based on this policy, TSKB implemented an energy-efficient internal communication campaign with the motto “Reshaping Habits” at the Bank’s carbon-neutral headquarters campus to provide a concrete solution to the question “How to reduce the environmental footprint of communication projects?”. TSKB’s internal communication campaign was designed to maximize energy savings by carefully selecting color palettes, screens, and printing methods. By eliminating the need for additional lighting, the campaign achieves an impressive 30% energy efficiency, while still offering an exceptional visual experience for the Bank’s teams and visiting business partners. With a wholesome, solution-oriented and humorous approach, the campaign encourages “step-by-step transformation” of daily habits that harm the environment. At the same time, Reshaping Habits, which stands out as a carbon-neutral project, sets an example as an innovative approach to responsible communication.

Click here to access TSKB Responsible Sustainability Communication policy