TSKB, “The Best Equity House” Within Türkiye

2 May 2011
- 2 min Read

The achievement of TSKB on the capital market crowned by the Award of “EMEA Finance” in the international area The Industrial Development Bank of Türkiye (TSKB), objective of which is to lead and support the development of the private sector and capital markets has deserved the prize of “Best Equity House in Türkiye” within the scope of EMEA Finance 2010 European Banking Awards due to its successful efforts in the field of investment banking.

With its successful performance of public offerings of TSKB GYO, Aksa Energy, the 5th of Turkish capital markets’ history and Emlak Konut GYO (Real Estate Residence REIT), 2nd excluding the privatizations, realized in year 2010 by virtue of the experiences earned over the years TSKB has been winning general approval also in the international area.

Leading also to the issues of private sector’s bonds as well as IPOs, TSKB in addition to the successful bond issues, it has been invested with the issue of share by 2 banks in year 2010 as well.

Having been worth for being awarded by the title of “Best Equity House” conferred by EMEA being one of the elite financial publications in consequence of it such successful endeavors shall receive its award at the ceremony to be organized in Vienna in June.

Yarcan: We shall keep on causing Istanbul Stock Exchange win attractive investment tools!

Stating that they have been uninterruptedly maintaining their activities in the area of investment banking, Şeniz Yarcan, Senior Deputy General Manager of TSKB said the following in connection with the award given by EMEA Finance: We have been experiencing the great pride and happiness of our in – Türkiye achievements that are appreciated also in the international area. The impact of the fact that we have caused Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE) win attractive investment tools that turned into their strong growth strategies is tremendous. With such motivation, we shall be maintaining the sustainable investment banking and our efforts as a powerful player on the capital market that might com into prominence within Promising Türkiye."