TSKB, the only Turkish bank to become a member of UNEP FI

12 March 2009
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TSKB is carrying its environment-friendly approach to international platforms

Becoming a member of the United Nations Environmental Program Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) Turkey’s “environment-friendly bank” TSKB, took its place among international firms that are sensitive to their environment and sustainable development. As of now TSKB will conduct the environmental and social effects of its banking operations in accordance with international standards akin to over 170 UNEP FI member institutions including banks, insurance firms and fund managers.

Being a pioneer in the progress of sustainable development in Turkey for a long time by financing renewable energy and environmental projects, TSKB is conducting all of its operations on accordance with international standards.

As a member of the UNEP FI, a global partnership between United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) and the financial sector, TSKB will conduct all of its operations pertaining to sustainable development, environment management systems in accordance with the principles stated by the organization. In addition, TSKB together with other UNEP FI members will undertake the task of creating common standards, points of view and projects in order to obtain sustainable development and will also share experiences pertaining to this subject with other member institutions.

Perfect harmony with international standards

Some general criteria in the membership evaluation of institutions applying to UNEP FI:

1. Commitment to sustainable development,

2. To have Environmental Management Systems; integrating environmental considerations into operations and decision making processes, and having the necessary basic facilities in regards to these issues.

3.To conduct operations promoting awareness in regards to these issues,

4. To report on a regular basis about these issues,

5. To integrate sustainable development business topics in corporate social responsibility projects,

Applying these criteria for a long time, TSKB has become the only Turkish bank to be a member of the UNEP FI.

Main aim is to penetrate sustainability into the institution’s DNA!

TSKB is continuously working to “penetrate sustainable banking into the corporation’s and employees DNA.” In 2005 TSKB started the Environmental Management System and received the ISO 14001 certificate one year after its launch. In regards to this topic, with numerous corporate social responsibility projects aiming to increase social awareness and Turkey’s most comprehensive environmental portal, TSKB possesses the necessary requirements.

After receiving the ‘Sustainable Bank of the Year’ award last year in the Emerging Markets-Eastern Europe category by the Financial Times and IFC, TSKB aims to pioneer sustainable banking in Turkey with its membership to UNEP FI.