TSKB, Türkiye's First “Climate-Neutral” Bank

7 May 2009
- 3 min Read

TSKB, as an environment-friendly bank, reduced greenhouse gas emissions via various energy efficiency and clean energy projects and became Türkiye's first “Climate-Neutral” bank by neutralizing its carbon footprints on earth.

Underlining TSKB’s belief that a more livable world is only possible through responsible actions sensitive to environment and climate change related issues, Mr. Eroğlu, president of TSKB added that, TSKB takes its environment-friendly banking approach to another level by reducing its greenhouse gas emissions and neutralizing its carbon footprints on the earth. TSKB has made a commitment to decrease its electricity consumption by 7% in two years. Additionally TSKB will only use electricity from renewable energy resources and will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions significantly. Energy efficiency projects are also in place in order to meet the Bank’s low consumption targets. The remainder of the Bank’s carbon footprint will be neutralized by using carbon credits from the Voluntary Carbon Market. A sustainable environment is only possible by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and as the Sustainable Bank of Türkiye, TSKB takes its sustainability efforts a step further by becoming the first “Climate-Neutral” bank of Türkiye.

*About Carbon Footprint

Carbon footprint is the name given to the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions due to transportation, heating, etc. Emissions can be reduced by using clean energy and implementing energy efficiency projects. The rest of the carbon footprints can be neutralized by carbon credits provided by Voluntary Carbon Market in Türkiye.