TSKB’s Energy Efficient Sustainability Communication Campaign Receives Double Award

11 January 2023
- 3 min. Read

Continuing to create lasting value for a climate-friendly future with its responsible sustainability communication policy, TSKB received two awards at the Istanbul Marketing Summit for Türkiye’s first energy efficient campaign “Reshaping Habits”.

TSKB (Industrial Development Bank of Türkiye), which supports Türkiye’s sustainable development and growth by adopting the concept of sustainability on economic, environmental and social axes, was deemed worthy of two awards at the Istanbul Marketing Summit with its sustainability communication project “Reshaping Habits” implemented on the Bank’s campus to raise awareness. The project, which is Türkiye’s first energy efficient sustainability communication campaign, won TSKB the “IMA Gold” award in the illustration category and the “IMA Mentioned” award in the indoor use category.

The “Reshaping Habits” campaign aims to transform daily habits step by step

An early adopter in the field of sustainable banking and a pioneer in the world of finance, TSKB has been contributing to all UN Sustainable Development Goals through financing green- and social-themed development investments and social responsibility projects for the last 30 years. In 2022, TSKB broke new ground in Türkiye with its Responsible Sustainability Communication Policy and committed to minimizing the environmental footprint of its communication activities. The Bank launched its first campaign within this scope in an “energy efficient” format. Organized as an internal communication campaign, “Reshaping Habits” encourages people to transform environmentally damaging daily habits step by step, and was designed to save energy at every stage, including typography, color and printed materials.

Within the scope of the campaign, which aims to raise sustainability awareness with an unusual visual world by addressing the issue through a realistic and surprising approach, illustrations were placed at points to draw interest within the Bank. In the campaign, Times New Roman and Century Gothic Pro fonts, which consume less screen energy and use 30 percent less ink in printing, were used, and color palettes that would maximize energy savings were preferred. The campaign, which attracted great attention with its minimal environmental footprint, aims to create a permanent behavioral change for a climate-friendly future by attracting the attention of the teams working at TSKB’s carbon-neutral headquarters campus and business partners visiting the campus.

Organized for the fourth time this year, the Istanbul Marketing Awards, where TSKB received two awards for its Reshaping Habits campaign, was held at the Zorlu Performing Arts Center.