TSKB's Integrated Report included in the IIRC examples database

22 June 2017
- 3 min Read

TSKB, which published the first integrated report in the Turkish finance industry, took a major step in terms of the international recognition of the report. The IIRC (International Integrated Reporting Council) added TSKB's Integrated Report to its examples database.

In its examples database, the IIRC analyzes and interprets various integrated reports. To this end, the IIRC shared the following comments on TSKB's Integrated Report:

“As aligned with the view that ‘All organizations depend on various forms of capital for their success’ in its 2016 Integrated Report TSKB clearly identifies how the six capitals have contributed to its value creation process during the year. At first, a table concisely summarises the main activities into which the capitals have been declined, how these capitals have been translated into value creation for the organisation and for society, and the Key Performance Indicators used to measure the impacts. Then, through narratives as well as through quantitative information, an overview of the activities undertaken and the results achieved for each of the six capitals is presented.”

TSKB Integrated Report" is the first of its kind in the Turkish finance industry and is prepared under the consultancy of ESCARUS, the Bank's subsidiarie, and the guidance of Prof. Güler Aras, President of Integrated Reporting Network of Turkey. The report included a preface by Prof. Mervyn King, Chairman of the IIRC.

In its integrated report published in March 2017, TSKB analyzes the operational results for 2016 in consideration of six capitals, namely financial, human, natural, intellectual, manufactured and social capital. In the 'Value Creation Model' as included in the report, economic, social and environmental added value created through all capitals are focused on in the belief that financial results are not the only criterion for the success of an organization. In the 'Value Creation Model', a myriad of qualities differentiating the Bank such as the ability to create value from knowledge, independent and multilateral assessment, and environmental and social impact evaluation in the lending process are elaborated on.

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