Türkiye's Environment-Friendly Bank TSKB Participates in ICCI 2008

9 May 2008
- 3 min Read

The Industrial Development Bank of Türkiye (TSKB), which is the first private investment and development bank of the country, will participate in the 14th International Energy and Environmental Technology Systems Fair and Conference (ICCI 2008) to take place at WOW Convention Center between 15-17 May. On May 16th, Mr. Burak Akguc, Assistant General Manager, and Ms. Hulya Kurt, Engineering Manager, will represent TSKB as speakers at two different panels on environment and energy financing. TSKB will also have an environmentalist stand at the fair.

Mr. Akguc will speak at the panel on “Energy Investment Financing” between 13:30-14:45 in the Apollon Lounge, while Ms. Kurt will participate in the panel on “Energy and Environment” in a parallel session in the Artemis Lounge. The speakers will share information about the Bank’s environmental policies and the energy loans.

The Environment-Friendly Bank of Türkiye

Having implemented the highest number of projects for environment and energy financing in Türkiye, TSKB has become a notable brand in this area. The Bank has been supporting renewable energy and environment-oriented investments for a long time. The first and only Turkish-owned bank to be certified to the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standard, TSKB has assimilated environmental factors, integrated them into the processes of the workplace, and adopted them as part of its corporate culture.

TSKB believes that it is only education and knowledge sharing which will make it possible for us to leave a healthier physical and social environment to the coming generations for a livable world and a sustainable life. With its environment-oriented corporate responsibility projects, the Bank combines on a common denominator its social responsibility awareness and its objective to be the environment-friendly bank of Türkiye.

TSKB has developed a project called “Environment: Our Priority” with the objective of creating various platforms to bring together all segments concerned with environmental issues; to raise the level of social awareness and knowledge; to enable individuals of all ages to go through positive and permanent behavioral changes by helping to develop their sense of ownership of nature. The portal called, launched as the communications channel for the project, is the most comprehensive portal ever developed regarding the environment.

About ICCI 2008

Annually organized since 1994 as the meeting point of about 1,600 local and international participants in the energy industry, ICCI Fair and Conference is organized for the 14th time this year with a more comprehensive content. ICCI 2008 is supported by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and the Ministry of Environment and Forests as well as several important associations of the energy industry including the Turkish Cogeneration Association, Electricity Producers Association (EUD), Wind Energy Power Plants Investors Association (RESYAD), Hydroelectric Power Plants Industrialists and Businessmen Association (HESIAD), and Cogen Europe. ICCI 2008 will be a platform for the discussion of several issues from a local and global perspective, including liberalization and reorganization in energy, demand and supply projections, and EU energy policies as well as technical subjects such as Cogeneration, High Efficiency Energy Production Technologies, Power Facilities Operation, Renewable Energy, Waste Management, Recycling Systems, and Environmental Technologies.