Call for Proposals for Consultant Responsible for the Technical Assistance Program of AFD’s Circular Economy Credit Line to TSKB (Türkiye)

16 October 2023
- 3 min. Read

Consultants specialized in Circular Economy (CE) are invited to submit their technical and financial proposals by 6 November 2023.


The French Agency for Development (AFD) and TSKB agreed on a project for the purpose of financing the investments that directly serve the circular economy and support the companies aiming to develop circular economy practices.

CTR 1082 01 H - Circular Economy credit facility has been signed between TSKB and AFD on 27 December 2022 in the amount of 80 million EUR. The project aimed to support (i) Türkiye’s low-carbon transition by facilitating the emergence of the circular economy in the country and (ii) supporting TSKB in its role as a facilitator of its development.

Objective of Assignment

The objectives of the consultancy service are to enhance TSKB’s know-how on circular economy financing, to develop companies’ know-how and raise their awareness on circularity issues, to provide operational tools to assess the benefits of circular practices, and to accompany the companies in their transformation process.

The main objectives of the Technical Assistance program are:

• Deepen TSKB’s knowledge in financing CE-related investments and projects;

• Improve Eligible Clients’ awareness on and implementation of circularity issues;

• Provide operational tools both to TSKB and its clients to assess the benefits of the CE;

• Accompany TSKB’s Eligible Clients in their transformation process, as well as the impacts of the projects financed under the credit facility;

• Support TSKB’s activities on the communication and visibility of the circular economy project. 

Expected Results and Deliverables

Expected results of the consultancy will be supporting TSKB for the implementation of the “Circular Economy TA Program” regarding AFD CTR 1082 Credit Line. The consultant will,

• Support to TSKB and their Eligible Clients to identify eligible investments and improve circularity of companies

• Support to TSKB in integrating CE in the Banks strategy and building its capacity

• Support to TSKB to strengthen inclusiveness of Circular Economy practices through a Gender approach

• Support to TSKB for the impact monitoring and communication.

Bidding Process

1. Interested consultants should request the application documents, including the Terms of Reference from the following e-mail addresses by 6 November 2023 at the latest.;

2. Interested consultants, who fulfill the application conditions, are invited to submit a proposal on how they intend to undertake the assignment.

3. The submission should include a separate financial proposal with a detailed breakdown of consultancy fees and related expenses. It is preferred that this financial proposal is structured in a scalable way so that the services/items required on demand basis could be delivered according to this pre-determined pricing in the required quantity.

The proposal should reach to TSKB no later than 6 November 2023 and should be sent to the abovementioned email addresses.