The most comprehensive environment portal of Türkiye,, is renewed

12 September 2014
- 3 min Read

Türkiye's first comprehensive environment portal, “”, which was launched by TSKB as a social responsibility initiative, greets its visitors with its new look. Having been renewed with a mobile-enabled infrastructure, the website "" and its social media pages present information on the environment and sustainability agenda items, as well as inspiring business ideas on sustainability, environment-friendly designs and globally-acclaimed exemplary practices.

With its social responsibility project launched in 2007 under the motto "Our priority is Environment", Industrial Development Bank of Türkiye (TSKB) continues to lead the way in the efforts to increase awareness among the business community on environment and sustainability. Türkiye's most comprehensive environment portal which was developed for this purpose,, greets its visitors on its social media pages with its new look, mobile-enabled design and updated content in its 7th year.

Being the first bank to conduct sustainable banking operations in Türkiye, TSKB has reconstructed, which is now one of the most comprehensive references in terms of environmental issues, both in terms of content and technological infrastructure. Actively sharing content through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, offers its visitors information on the global and Turkish sustainability agenda. The website offers, with its expanded content, success stories from the business world, up-to-date information on renewable energy and sustainable production methods and developments in the field of energy and source efficiency, as well as environment-friendly production and consumption trends from different regions of the worlds and innovative ideas such as green architecture. Besides, also includes researches and articles by academicians working in the field of environment and non-governmental organizations, special environment news files and interactive tools such as carbon-meter through which you can measure your carbon footprint., with its renewed look, also features online exhibitions of famous photographers and interviews with many renowned artists, fashion designers, business community representatives and futurists. On the other hand, the visitors of the website's “Çevreciyiz TV” section will have access to interesting videos on various subjects such as climate change, environment protection and energy and sustainable life. offers interesting information on the nature and book suggestions and enjoyable stories for youngsters who have great environmental consciousness and awareness. will continue to be a reference with its renewed look

Çiğdem İçel, Executive Vice President of TKSB , says: "We believe that environmental awareness is of great importance for sustainable development. Thus, we have developed a live and on-demand platform for sustainability, environment and development, which is now used by all environmentally sensitive segments of the society from young people from the business community to regulating public bodies and non-governmental organizations. is now the biggest portal in Türkiye which offers quality information on main headlines such as climate change, sustainability, energy efficiency, environment-friendly designs and alternative energy sources. With the renewed look of the portal, we aim to share good examples particularly in the fields of sustainability and environment, thus becoming an inspiration for a more sustainable life and business world".

Noting that the investment projects financed by TSKB are always evaluated in terms of sustainability criteria, İçel continues: "TSKB, maintaining its title of being Türkiye's first carbon-neutral bank, continues to finance sustainable investments at full speed. With the renewable energy plants and energy efficiency projects financed by TSKB today, almost 7 million tons of CO2 are saved every year. We will continue to add value not only with our banking activities but also our social responsibility projects to ensure sustainable growth of our country".