TSKB brought German Deputy Minister and accompanied committee together with Turkish Investors

15 September 2011
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The potential for Turkish-German co-operation was evaluated at Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Panel hosted by TSKB.

Industrial Development Bank of Turkey (TSKB) carried out a meeting aimed at the improvement of the business potential between Turkey and Germany with the participation of Deputy Minister Katherina Reiche and accompanied committee from German Parliamentary State Secretary on 15 September 2011.

The potential co-operation between Turkey and Germany in the area of renewable energy and energy efficiency was evaluated in the activity. In the panel which was opened by Deputy Minister Katherina Reiche, TSKB General Manager Fevzi Onat as well as KfW Senior Vice President Uwe Ohls, moderated by TSKB Senior Deputy General Director Orhan Beskok, Prof. Ahmet Evin from Sabancı University, Ercan Sayari from Nuh Cimento, Ali Kantur from ITC, Holger Bohlen from Enercon GmbH and Klaus D. Kopf from Stulz Planaqua GmbH made contributions with their presentations.

TSKB General Manager Fevzi Onat who expressed that he felt honoured for TSKB hosting this meeting towards the improvement of the business potential between Turkey and Germany stated that “As TSKB we consider supporting industrial investments in Turkey as a prerequisite for the growth and development of our country. The importance of environment-friendly energy investments in addition to economic and social investments for the sustainable development of Turkey is beyond argument. We support renewable energy and energy efficiency, environment and SME loans and investments in these fields with the supranational organizations that we provided resource. We have infinite faith that important steps will be taken in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects between two countries after today’s activity”.

Germany Deputy Minister Katherina Reiche expressed the exceptional growth potentials of renewable energies in her speech, on a global market as well as on the German and the Turkish market. “We should explore these potentials in the interest of a sustainable and climate friendly energy supply and numerous business and job opportunities for all. However, to achieve this, we need four key elements: first, policymakers, who provide economic incentives and appropriate regulations; second, companies who are willing to invest venture capitals; third, more technical progress including research and development and last but not least banks, who offer adjusted financial services to make investments possible. I am convinced that the TSKB is on the right track to fulfil this role” emphasized Katherina Reiche.