With the sustainability report we published in 2009, we broke new ground in the Turkish finance sector. Our GRI A+ approved report in 2013 is also a first. After our sustainability report, which we prepared in GRI G4 format as of 2015, we started to present our financial and sustainability performance with the Integrated Report as of 2016. We have been maintaining our leading role in the Turkish finance sector with our integrated annual reports since 2018.

TSKB 2023 Integrated Report

TSKB 2022 Digital Integrated Report

TSKB 2022 Integrated Report

TSKB 2021 Integrated Report

TSKB 2021 Digital Integrated Report

TSKB 2020 Integrated Report

TSKB 2019 Integrated Report

TSKB 2018 Integrated Report

TSKB 2017 Integrated Report

TSKB 2016 Integrated Report

TSKB 5. Sustainability Report

TSKB 4. Sustainability Report

TSKB 3. Sustainability Report

TSKB 2. Sustainability Report

TSKB 1. Sustainability Report

TSKB Climate Reports

2023 TSKB Climate Report

2021 TSKB Climate Risk Report

Global Compact

We signed the United Nations Global Compact principles in 2010 and published our first Communication on Progress (COP) on May 25, 2011. Since then, we have been making an annual COP report. We started to share our progress information after 2016 within the scope of our integrated annual report.

TSKB COP Reports:

TSKB COP Report 2019

TSKB COP Report 2018

TSKB COP Report 2017

TSKB COP Report 2016

TSKB COP Report 2015

TSKB COP Report 2014

TSKB COP Report 2013

TSKB COP Report 2012

TSKB COP Report 2011

Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)

TSKB joined the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) in 2010.Launched in 2010, CDP Türkiye’s first step was taken when, with the support of Akbank, the Sabancı University Corporate Governance Forum sent out letters to the firms included in the ISE-50 index, inviting them to publicly reveal their greenhouse gas emissions and to declare their climate change-combating policies.

Eleven ISE-50 companies accepted CDP Türkiye’s invitation the same year. TSKB for its own part had been measuring its carbon footprint and publishing the results since 2006. It therefore expressed its pleasure over the launch of the Carbon Disclosure Project in Türkiye and joined it as a voluntary member. TSKB received CDP Türkiye’s “Climate Change Leadership” award in 2013 and 2015.

You can find our reports within the scope of CDP below:

CDP 2023 Report

CDP 2022 Report

CDP 2021 Report

CDP 2020 Report

CDP 2019 Report

CDP 2018 Report

CDP 2017 Report

CDP 2016 Report

CDP 2015 Report

CDP 2014 Report

CDP 2013 Report