Felis Awards TSKB For Its “Special Composition Honoring The 100th Year Of The Republic”

15 November 2023
- 3 min. Read

At the 18th Felis Awards hosted by MediaCat this year, the composition commissioned by TSKB to the young musician Cem Esen for the Republic’s 100th anniversary, as part of the Istanbul Music Festival organized by IKSV, won an award in the PR Felis: 100th Year Communication Projects category.

In its ongoing commitment to fostering Türkiye’s cultural development, TSKB (Industrial Development Bank of Türkiye) commissioned pianist/composer Cem Esen for a special composition, contributing to the country’s classical music repertoire, encouraging young musicians, and leaving a lasting legacy in honor of the Republic of Türkiye’s 100th anniversary. The world premiere of “A Piece to Joy,” a composition for piano and cello, took place at Süreyya Opera as part of the IKSV Istanbul Music Festival. The piece was performed for the very first time by young female musicians who were awarded the Women Stars of Tomorrow fund in 2023. TSKB’s initiative to champion young musicians on the 100th anniversary of the Republic and to bestow a piece of art to the future was recognized and honored at the 18th Felis Awards organized by MediaCat this year, securing an award in the PR Felis: 100th Year Communication Projects category. The TSKB Corporate Communications Team accepted the award during the ceremony hosted at the Haliç Congress Center.

Since 1990, the Bank has been a sponsor of concerts at the İstanbul Music Festival organized by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (IKSV). In 2018, the Bank initiated the “Women Stars of Tomorrow: Young Women Musicians Support Fund” in collaboration with IKSV, aiming to ensure equal opportunities in the arts. As part of the Women Stars of Tomorrow fund, TSKB is actively supporting the international education of young female musicians who are poised to represent Türkiye on global stages. To date, this initiative has positively impacted the lives of 90 young female musicians.

TSKB Honors the Centennial of the Republic with Transformative Projects for the Future

Embarking on projects that redefine the future, TSKB, guided by the vision of imparting the Republic’s values to new generations under the motto ‘Türkiye in our name, Republic in our steps’ extends its impact across diverse domains, spanning education, the arts, reconstruction of the earthquake-impacted area, and initiatives in afforestation, in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of our Republic.

In collaboration with TEV, TSKB, through the ‘Empower Through Education Fund’ established in 2017, has provided scholarship support to female students nationwide and is now extending scholarships to an additional 100 female students from earthquake-impacted areas on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of our Republic.

Dedicated to the swift reconstruction of the earthquake-impacted region and expedient healing, TSKB inaugurated the first school library in the Gölbaşı District of Adıyaman. As part of its commitment, TSKB aims to establish ‘Centennial of the Republic libraries’ in 11 provinces affected by the earthquake by the year 2025.

In collaboration with the social enterprise ecording, TSKB has dispersed 150,000 seed balls in remote areas to contribute to the reforestation of our country, and is furthering its commitment by dispersing an additional 100,000 seed balls in honor of the 100th anniversary of our Republic.

Maintaining its unwavering commitment to social and cultural initiatives, TSKB inaugurated its Ankara office, referred to as its second development hub, on the 100th anniversary of our Republic. The aim is to expedite sustainable transformation, positioning it as the new epicenter of regional development in Anatolia.