TSKB Economic Research’s Publication Shifts Perspective and Rebrands from ‘Climate Review’ to ‘Ecosystem Review’

28 December 2023
- 3 min. Read

In the 13th and latest issue of Climate Review published by TSKB Economic Research, a shift in perspective and branding has been introduced. The publication, set to be released with its new name “Ecosystem Review,” emphasizes that Earth’s challenges encompass elements beyond, but not limited to, the climate crisis. From this point forward, “Ecosystem Review” will focus on significant topics such as biodiversity, pollution, and nature, in addition to addressing the climate crisis.

In its final issue of 2023, TSKB Economic Research’s quarterly publication “Climate Review” undergoes a shift in perspective, ushering in 2024 with its new name, “Ecosystem Review.” The report, featuring the name ‘ecosystem’ that encompasses climate, biodiversity, pollution, and nature from various angles, will include more extensive research on the subject in the upcoming period.

It is crucial that the solutions to the ecosystem crisis are “nature positive.” By highlighting the existence of an ecosystem crisis and emphasizing that solutions should take a holistic approach to restore nature, “Ecosystem Review” underscores the concept of ‘nature positive.’ The publication also emphasizes that the ongoing planetary crisis is not solely a climate crisis. It highlights the need to surpass merely achieving climate-neutral or net-zero emission targets and advocates for making a positive contribution to the ecosystem.

“Ecosystem Review” suggests that it is crucial to adopt a nature-positive approach to prevent the extinction caused by humans in the last 1.5 seconds if were to condense the 4.3 billion-year history of the world into a 24-hour period,. In this issue the publication also delves into the 28th Conference of the Parties (COP 28) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change held in Dubai. COP, closely followed by the entire world regarding the ecosystem crisis, hosted over 100,000 participants this year. The summit featured discussions about a fund created to address the losses and damages experienced by countries severely impacted by fossil fuels and the climate crisis, with active participation from TSKB Economic Research. The report, capturing the insights from the summit, also highlights other critical topics such as:

• The number of climate lawsuits and hearings related to the ecosystem crisis surged from 884 in 2017 to 2,500 in 2022. 

• With an average of USD 1.26 trillion in 2021 and 2022, global climate finance flows constitute only 1 percent of the global gross domestic product.

• The climate finance required to limit global warming to 1.5°C is estimated to reach USD 9 trillion by the year 2030.  

• As per the Climate Policy Initiative (CPI) report, the average global climate finance flow in 2021 and 2022 reached USD 1.26 trillion. This figure reflects a notable 94% increase compared to the preceding two-year period.

• The 2023 Global Report of the Lancet Countdown highlights that the loss of 490 billion hours of working time in 2022 due to extreme heat is projected to contract the global GDP by USD 863 billion.

The full study is available here.