TSKB (Industrial Development Bank of Türkiye) announced its 2010 results

10 February 2011
- 2 min Read

Bank-only profit of TRY 212 million

Profit before tax reads as TRY 268 million.

Assets read as TRY 7.9 billion, with an increase of 14.5%.

The Industrial Development Bank of Türkiye (TSKB) disclosed its financial results of December 31st, 2010. TSKB’s bank-only net profit reads as TRY 212 million, with an increase of 21%.

TSKB’s total assets reached to TRY 7.9 billion as of 31st of December 2010 with an increase of 14.5%. TSKB’s loan portfolio reached TRY 4.8 billion with an increase of 22.5% in basket terms during 2010. TSKB, by raising its equity to TRY 1.3 billion while delivering a ROAE of 18.4% and a ROAA of 2.9%.

TSKB’s consolidated profit before tax was TRY 287 million, while its net profit was TRY 228 million. Total assets reached to TRY 8.4 billion by an increase of 15%.