Sustainability indices are a decisive tool for investors seeking to invest in companies which adopt sustainability and corporate social responsibility principles. Inclusion in the sustainability indices not only reveals the importance our bank attaches to issues related to sustainability, but also registers of its activities and decisions in this field.

TSKB is included in the BIST Sustainability Index and the BIST Corporate Governance Index, which is composed of companies with high corporate governance and sustainability performances and whose shares are traded on the Borsa Istanbul.

The BIST Sustainability Index

The BIST Sustainability Index was created in 2014 with the review of companies trading on the BIST 30 index. In 2015, the review process expanded to include companies that trade on BIST 50 in which our bank was also included. As a result of the evaluation, it qualified for inclusion in the sustainability index.

The Bank’s shares have been traded in this index since November 2015. We press ahead with our sustainability journey by effecting improvements in our policies within the framework of index rules, international regulations and good practices.

The BIST Corporate Governance Index

Our bank, which deems strong corporate governance as a fundamental responsibility, commands one of the highest scores on the "Borsa Istanbul Corporate Governance" index with its corporate governance rating. It maintains its pioneering role with its practices in this field. 

SAHA Kurumsal Yönetim ve Kredi Derecelendirme Hizmetleri A.Ş. (SAHA) holds an operating license to conduct ratings in accordance with the Capital Markets Board (the CMB) Corporate Governance Principles.

According to the review conducted by SAHA, our bank's Corporate Governance Rating stood at 95.64% (9.56 out of 10) as of 19 October 2020.

You can find our corporate governance rating report here.


As a bank which closely follows global trends in sustainability, we have been measuring our carbon footprint since 2006 and disclosing the results.

With the start of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) in Türkiye in 2010, we became one of the first 11 institutions in Türkiye to participate in the project on a voluntary basis. Since 2015, we have been reporting our climate change strategy, risks and performance to the Carbon Disclosure Project. In 2021, we maintained our CDP performance score at “B”, standing out as one of the highest scoring Turkish banks.

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